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Personalised Complete Training Service- Fit for Life

Move Health and Fitness in Mt Hawthorn, is a functional strength & conditioning gym with combined 30 years of experience.

Our training programs are designed around functional movement, training the whole entire body for the movement patterns we use from day to day.

We specialise in 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 personal training, tailoring exercise towards your needs.

Why train with Move Health & Fitness?

Other than an inspiring, positive, motivating atmosphere, we want to make sure our clients develop and maintain their mobility through life. With age and lifestyle, one often becomes less active resulting in a reduction in body movements and an unhealthy balance in weight and fitness.

We focus on mobility to help our clients reintroduce movements to perform exercise thus making it easier to develop proper movement patterns. This creates a foundation in which our clients can rebuild strength and develop dynamic movement patterns setting them up with confidence and further success in their pathway to health.


How to get started?

1. Initial Consultation: We find out your goals and what you would like to achieve. We then discuss how to help you achieve your goals by designing a program that is tailored to your needs.

2. Sessions Start: We plan personal training sessions where we focus on your goals through the use of functional movement exercises. If personal training is not what you are after, we offer small group classes comprised on a maximum 8 people. Our classes vary from day to day so you can be sure of an exciting new workout.


To build a strong a health community through functional exercise

    Personal Training that’s tailored to you – The Sessions

    move health fitness strength training

    Strength Training … So what does that mean? How do we train for strength?

    There are a number of sub qualities that are involved in strength training. They range from

    1. Control and Stability

    2. Hypertrophy and General Strength

    3. Maximal Strength

    4. Power or Speed

    5. Speed and Endurance

    Each sub quality has a different set/rep, resistance and rest period. The benefits of strength training are stronger bones, structural balance and more lean muscles acting as a calorie inferno.

    move health fitness hiit cardio

    Research suggests that intense, interval style workouts offer as much, if not more health and fitness benefits than longer and slower sessions of cardio.

    High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a style of fitness training where a series of intense exercises are interspersed with shorter rest periods.

    Three main benefits associated with HIIT cardio are

    1. Increases your metabolic rate and your ability to burn fat, even after your work out.

    2. Causes your body to consume more oxygen, which mean even after exercise, your body will still be burning fat.

    3. It is suitable for a wide range of people.

    move health fitness 1on1 personal training

    Personal Training are customized programs designed to suit your structural balance needs.

    Our Personal training sessions are highly recommended especially for clients who are new to training and would like to learn how to correctly squat, hip hinge and press before moving into a group exercise environment.

     Our personal training programs can also be designed for clients who are looking for advanced methods of training such as Weightlifting or Kettle Bells for strength, power/speed performance.


     With our team of over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, ranging from Weightlifting, Crossfit and Strength Conditioning coaches, programs are tailored to suit your desired needs.



    Functional Mobility and why it is so important?

    Functional mobility are a number of warm ups that are effective in freeing up restricted areas by addressing main areas such as the Hip, Thoracic, Lumber and shoulder areas. To be able to perform deadlifts, kettle bell swinging, power bag and battling rope workouts an understanding on how to warm up is important.

    Our Story

    Formally known as Move Personal Training Studio our doors opening in October 2008 on Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn offering Personal Training only.

    Since December 2017 we have been trading as Move Health & Fitness still offering personal training but also group fitness. Our gym might have become bigger, but our passion and commitment to our clients never change.

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    Reach your Goals | The Trainers

    Adrian Fullin

    Director of Move Health and Fitness

    As a tennis player from a very young age it encouraged me to further my role in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer. Playing sport at a semi professional level I learned a lot about my body or should I say my structural balance from a lot of trial and error. This only motivated me to learn more and pass that knowledge onto my clients hoping to improve their health and lifestyle.

    Over the years understanding the benefits in staying healthy has made me more passionate than ever. The benefits are endless from increasing bone density, flexibility, metabolism are just some to mention. My commitment to my clients is to assure them they are motivated, encouraged, educated and that they are enjoying what they are doing no matter what level they are, which in turn will reflect a healthy positive lifestyle.


    • Level 3 Fitness Australia Exercise Professional
    • AWF State Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 2
    • Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Level 2 kettlebell Instructor
    • REALMVMT level 1


    • State Premier League Tennis Player and captain for Sorrento TC

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