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29 March 2018 0 Nutrition

We’re pretty sure you have heard lots of people talking about why you should quit sugar – there is a whole health movement around it.

As health professionals, we are always advising our clients to watch their sugar intake, and it’s not just about losing weight. While weight loss is great motivation there are a host of other reasons that should make you reconsider having that teaspoon in your coffee and cut back on the fruit juice.

We’ve compiled our top 7 reasons you should reduce your sugar intake and reap the benefits. Here are some benefits we have observed from our clients firsthand. Keep in mind that everyone responds to reducing their sugar intake differently.

  1. Weight loss

This is an obvious benefit, and the main motivator for many clients. It’s true that reducing sugar intake immediately reduces your calorific intake, meaning you lose weight without even trying.

  1. Increased energy

When you reduce your sugar intake it won’t take long for you to notice a huge improvement in this area, particularly in the afternoon!

  1. Clearer skin

Reducing sugar intake will improve the look of your skin. As your body is no longer struggling to process high sugar levels, it starts to work more efficiently, flushing toxins and improving skin tone and texture.

  1. Motivation to eat clean and healthy

It’s funny, but once you start monitoring your diet, making healthy, sugar-free or low-sugar choices, you’ll find you’re more motivated to keep going, experimenting with new foods and researching recipes.

  1. Money saving

Spending money on doughnuts at the station, banana bread for morning tea and sweet treats to beat the 3pm slump, soon adds up! By bringing your own snacks to work (almonds, granola, fruit) you’ll stay on top of your craving and not buy impulsive sugary treats when you’re out.

  1. Increased appetite and therefore, less snacking

Many people who have high sugar diets don’t actually eat very much – the sugar keeps you going, and while the calorie content is high, the actual amount of food eaten is low. Eating healthy, low GI foods at meal times means you don’t need to snack in between meals.

  1. Increased willpower

We noticed that with every day that goes by with reduced sugar levels, your commitment to continue will grow.

With all the extra energy and motivation reducing sugar levels brings, why don’t you speed up your journey to fitness by upping your daily exercise levels.

Contact Move Health and Fitness today and let us create a personal program just for you!

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