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19 June 2018 0 Nutrition, Well-being

Did you know, over time, your body can build up toxins which can cause your body to stop performing at its best? You may begin feeling sluggish, tired, or unable to perform as you'd like. If you notice your body isn’t quite feeling its best, you might want to consider a cleanse.

There are many varieties to cleanse, but the bigger question should be: Is it worth it?

A body cleanse can help rid the body of harmful toxins impeding the body's natural functions. This process, known as detoxification, helps the body purge harmful toxins. Many people who decide to cleanse report better health, more energy and a sense of improved well-being.

Move Health and Fitness have found several reasons why cleanse might improve how you feel.

Benefit #1: Visible Body Changes

The toxins that build up in the body not only affect the body's internal systems; they can also affect the body's appearance.  A cleanse can help reverse negative body changes by improving skin condition, tone and texture and boosting the immune system. By ridding your diet of processed foods, starchy carbohydrates, excess alcohol and sugar, you will see real improvements in only a few days – especially if you combine a cleanse with regular exercise. Although changes don't happen overnight, they will happen.

Benefit #2: Better Diet Regulation

Toxins creep up in the body when we don't pay attention to what we eat. We’ve all heard the saying 'you are what you eat' – and it’s true!. Ignoring what we put into our body can lead to poor physical appearance, bad skin, restless nights and weight gain. It also affects how the body works inside.  A  cleanse can help us regulate our diet by making you mindful of what you are putting in your body.  A cleanse can help reduce food cravings, bloating and constipation caused by processed foods and booze.

Benefit #3: Improved Mental Function and Energy Levels

Toxins don't just cause weight gain caused by increased cravings – the more sugar you eat, the more you want - they also cause us to feel mentally and physically sluggish.  A cleanse resets the body's inner functions and allows the body to return to normal. It can also eliminate the negative side effects (brain fog and reduced energy anyone?) caused by a poor diet.

While we no way support the use of harmful diets that cut out major food groups (the lemon water diet will do more harm than good), Move Health and Fitness promote eating clean. We suggest eating a range of wholefood macronutrients and making a concerted effort to drink alcohol in moderation.

Lean protein and plenty of colourful vegetables, along with lots of water for hydration and regular exercise will have you feeling like a new person in no time!

For more tips and tricks about the benefits a healthy diet, get in touch with us at Move Health and Fitness today.

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