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17 March 2017 0 Training, Exercise
Make March Matter!

Fun fact: Setting a sequence of small goals and tracking your progress often leads to faster results! The added accountability and encouragement of your progress helps along the way and spurs you to keep going—one choice, day, and month at a time.

Why don’t you take the March Madness Challenge and make March matter?

Whatever your hurdles are, throw them aside and focus on consistency. We don’t want an unfamiliarity with fitness or lack of guidance to be a stumbling block, so we have written this general guide for you to stick to throughout March.

Our plan has been designed for the average beginner, either new to fitness or getting back in the game after a decent break. It’s divided into four key areas that should be part of everyone’s fitness routine: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility & Core, and Active Rest.

Day 1: Cardio (20 min)                                                                           

Day 2: Strength (20 min)

Day 3: Core & Flexibility (20 min)

Day 4: Cardio (20 min)

Day 5: Strength (20 min)

Day 6: Cardio (20 min)

Day 7: Active rest – brisk walk (20 min)

The times listed each day are minimums. Everyone’s starting point and abilities are different, so do what you can to begin with and then build from there. Repeat over 4 weeks and you’ll be progressing in no time!

Any day is a great day to start this plan. Visit us or give us a call if you’d like to customize this plan to your personal goals and abilities.



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