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25 May 2020 0 Training, Exercise, Nutrition
Top 7 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

The internet is a beautiful tool, full of interesting facts, great recipes, inspiring stories and easy-to-follow exercise videos.

However, there is LOTS of terrible weight loss advice out there. As Personal Trainers and fitness professionals, sometimes we shake our head in despair at the misinformation available and trending online.

Here 7 lies, myths and misconceptions about weight loss we thought we’d share with you.

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08 June 2018 0 Training, Exercise, Well-being

We have heard every excuse under the sun for people not exercising, believe us, some of them are hilarious, but the one we hear the most is this one:


We’re here to let you know, yes you do.

Helping people achieve their fitness goals is OUR goal, so we have written this blog for you to realise, yes, you CAN fit exercise into your day. All it takes is a little shift in your mindset.


09 May 2018 0 Training, Exercise

Research shows that girls who maintain a regular, moderate intensity training plans benefit from a comprehensive list of health benefits. We understand that some still fear that weight training exercises may bulk them up too much, however, all the hype around the benefits of resistance training is slowly changing the attitudes of women in the free weights room, and we’re seeing that firsthand here at Move Health and Fitness.

09 May 2018 0 Training
Common Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

We have seen lots of interesting gym habits over the years, from observing bizarre lifting techniques to watching people using weight machines incorrectly – whenever any of our trainers notice something, they will gently approach and correct the user, to make sure they get the most out of their workout.

13 April 2018 0 Training
What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

The fitness industry in Australia is booming. We believe this partly a response to the fact that our nation as a whole, is gaining weight. With the obesity epidemic on the rise, people are concerned with staying fit and healthy, so they look around for the best option.

13 April 2018 0 Training

When you work as a busy professional in the corporate world, it can be hard to fit training into your schedule. A high pressure workload often features lunches and after work drinks, meaning the weight can slowly creep on. All those glasses of wine at lunch time, along with finger foods and fancy dinners can mean that your clothes start to feel tighter.

16 February 2018 0 Training
Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2018

Fitness trends come and go. Remember the thigh blaster? And the ab machines that promise results for no effort? Take it from us, never believe those claims! Fitness takes time, effort and consistency, and anyone who tells you different is pulling your leg.

Move Health and Fitness have compiled a list of the top 5 fitness trends we predict for 2018:

07 December 2017 0 Training, Exercise, Nutrition

The Christmas season is upon us, where it often feels like we have social events every second day. If you have a big event on the horizon, is it really possible to make changes to your body in just 7 days?

19 October 2017 0 Training
Why HIIT is so Effective

HIIT is very popular right now, and there is a reason why. And according to scientific research, high-intensity interval training isn’t just a passing fad. A recent study found just one minute of HIIT got the same results as 45 minutes of endurance training, while another found high-intensity interval training keeps us younger at a cellular level. So why is HIIT so good?

18 September 2017 0 Training
 9 ways to spring clean your fitness routine

Take this as an opportunity for an annual check up.  It's important to keep tabs on things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and vitamin deficiencies before commencing a new fitness program.

18 August 2017 0 Training

Crunches, sit ups, and oblique curls – these are what comes to mind when discussing ab exercises. However, there are other types of training that can help you get a flat stomach, so today I’m discussing static exercise options. 

18 August 2017 0 Training, Exercise

 This is one of the questions I get asked most as a personal trainer. Cardio has many benefits, including those related to weight loss, recovery, and it can even help you relax and sleep better. But if you’re looking for the fastest path to dropping a few extra pounds, here’s why prioritising weight training is important.

You want results as fast as possible with the least amount of work needed. Not to mention, you might not have time for a little extra cardio. If you had to choose between weights and cardio, weights would be the more direct approach.

13 July 2017 0 Training, Nutrition

All successful businesses require hard work and dedication – the same is true of fitness. There are no shortcuts or overnight results in business or fitness. We’ve created a list of reasons why treating your fitness like a business will bring your real results.

13 July 2017 0 Training, Exercise, Well-being
HIIT for busy mums

Half-way through school holidays and feeling the effects of extra socialising? Busy holiday schedules full of extra coffee and cake playdates can make it difficult to find time for long cardio sessions, but skipping workouts all week can derail your weight-loss efforts. With high-intensity interval training, known as HIIT, you can strip fat in minimal time – and keep your fitness plan firmly on track.

16 June 2017 0 Training, Exercise
30 min Winter Workout to blast the fat!

There are going to be days when you just don't want to go to the gym. It might be raining, snowing or it might just be darn right chilly. Lucky for you, there are lots of exercises that you can do at home to get an efficient and challenging workout.

16 June 2017 0 Training, Exercise
10 Easy winter fitness tips

We all know how easy it is to let fitness slide during winter. Thick meaty stews and delicious glasses of red wine quickly replace salads and juices as we struggle to keep warm during those cold winter nights. Although we may have good intentions, even the best laid plans go astray. So, what should you keep in mind when thinking about staying in shape this winter? The trainers here at Move PTS have compiled this list of the top 10 tips to keep you motivated this winter.

16 May 2017 0 Training, Exercise
Want a Fast Winter Leg Workout?

Try this one and blast the winter blues away! Be warned - go easy on your first attempt otherwise you may not be able to walk tomorrow.

16 May 2017 0 Training
Avoid the Winter Slump

It’s hard to get up and stay motivated when it’s cold and wet outside. Inactivity during the winter months is common, but it is important to remember that regular exercise is essential to life-long health benefits.

17 March 2017 0 Training, Exercise
Make March Matter!

Fun fact: Setting a sequence of small goals and tracking your progress often leads to faster results! The added accountability and encouragement of your progress helps along the way and spurs you to keep going—one choice, day, and month at a time.

Why don’t you take the March Madness Challenge and make March matter?

16 January 2017 0 Training, Well-being
Jump into January!!

After all the fun, excitement and socialising of the Christmas period, January is a fantastic time to reset and take some time to think about your goals for the coming year.

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