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25 May 2020 0 Training, Exercise, Nutrition
Top 7 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

The internet is a beautiful tool, full of interesting facts, great recipes, inspiring stories and easy-to-follow exercise videos.

However, there is LOTS of terrible weight loss advice out there. As Personal Trainers and fitness professionals, sometimes we shake our head in despair at the misinformation available and trending online.

Here 7 lies, myths and misconceptions about weight loss we thought we’d share with you.

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19 June 2018 0 Nutrition, Well-being

Did you know, over time, your body can build up toxins which can cause your body to stop performing at its best? You may begin feeling sluggish, tired, or unable to perform as you'd like. If you notice your body isn’t quite feeling its best, you might want to consider a cleanse.

08 June 2018 0 Nutrition, Well-being

You’ve worked out hard in the gym, finished your session in a sweaty mess after hitting a new PB. Once you’ve showered and changed your tummy rumbles, and you’re ready for some food.

Tempted by something naughty to reward your hard work? Think again. What you eat after hitting the gym may be the most critical food you eat all day.

When you work out, your body burns fuel from anything you’ve eaten recently, and then it breaks down stored glycogen. Your muscles start to use free protein to rebuild within a few hours of working out, but your body is especially good at absorbing carbs and protein within 30-45 minutes after your workout— called the "post-workout window."

  • Is your goal is to build muscle? Eat at least 30g of protein and 30-35g of carbs within 15-30 minutes of your workout.
  • Trying to stay in shape or shed a few kilos? Take your time and eat within 45 minutes or an hour after your workout.
13 April 2018 0 Nutrition
Super Food Life - super charge your diet

We’re sure you’ve heard all about the benefits associated with consuming superfoods – it’s hard to avoid the hype. But it’s true, not all foods were created equal — some are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other beneficial substances that have earned themselves ‘superfood’ status. Here at Move Health and Fitness, we love superfoods so much that we’ve created a list of the 10 essential superfoods to super-charge your diet!

29 March 2018 0 Nutrition

We’re pretty sure you have heard lots of people talking about why you should quit sugar – there is a whole health movement around it.

As health professionals, we are always advising our clients to watch their sugar intake, and it’s not just about losing weight. While weight loss is great motivation there are a host of other reasons that should make you reconsider having that teaspoon in your coffee and cut back on the fruit juice.

16 February 2018 0 Nutrition
Eating when you’re bored

We’ve all been there. Work is slow. There’s not much to do. You twiddle your thumbs until suddenly decide that the only thing to make you feel better is a visit to the vending machine. No! Stop walking! Stay away from snack food!

When we’re bored, we often convince ourselves that we are hungry when we are actually not. Using food for any reason other than putting nutrients into your body can lead you into a cycle of overeating. So how do you stop boredom eating?


16 February 2018 0 Nutrition
Is your ‘healthy’ diet sabotaging your results?

You work out every day and are committed to getting results. You shun alcohol and never buy takeaway. You resist potato chips and do your best to eat well. But no matter what you do, you can’t lose those stubborn last few kilos.

Did you ever consider that your ‘healthy’ diet may be holding you back?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ‘healthy’ food tricksters – the ones who quietly sabotage your results while parading around as great food choices.

07 December 2017 0 Training, Exercise, Nutrition

The Christmas season is upon us, where it often feels like we have social events every second day. If you have a big event on the horizon, is it really possible to make changes to your body in just 7 days?

07 December 2017 0 Nutrition, Well-being

You’ve made the decision to hire a personal trainer. You’ve set yourself some fitness goals, and prioritised a timeslot to get you moving. That’s all you need, right? Now the weight will drop off and your fitness will soar.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. You are going to have to work harder than ever before and commit to listening to what your PT says – after all, isn’t that what you pay them for?

22 November 2017 0 Nutrition
Food for Recovery

So, you have just finished your workout, blasting your muscles and starting the growth process, but what is the first thing you put in your mouth? We know protein powders have their place, but we’re hoping it is one of these top 5 recovery foods!

19 October 2017 0 Nutrition
Eat Fresh this Spring

Asparagus is in season right now, so take advantage and get some of this delicious veggie on your plate! Yes, eating asparagus can make your pee smell funny, but if you can put up with that, there are plenty of reasons to fill your plate with more of this spring superfood. Packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals (like vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6, as well as folate, iron, copper, calcium, protein, and fibre) this green veggie offers some serious health perks.

18 September 2017 0 Nutrition
Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is well and truly here, and many of us take this opportunity to shed those extra winter kilo’s!. Here are some great tips to help you make a healthy plan of action for the rest of spring.

18 August 2017 0 Nutrition, Well-being

Struggling to find healthy breakfast ideas? This delicious banana choc chip muffin recipe will satisfy your cravings without blowing your daily calorific budget!


So easy. So healthy. And most importantly, so delicious.

17 August 2017 0 Nutrition
Smoothie love

If you’re time poor but need a quick pick-me-up, chuck these ingredients in the blender and perk up in an instant.


Healthy snacks keep you on track – so put down that muffin or biscuit, and make yourself this yummy smoothie instead!

13 July 2017 0 Training, Nutrition

All successful businesses require hard work and dedication – the same is true of fitness. There are no shortcuts or overnight results in business or fitness. We’ve created a list of reasons why treating your fitness like a business will bring your real results.

16 June 2017 0 Nutrition
Healthy Winter Frittata

Winter is the season of carby cravings but we’re here to share this great news: this delicious recipe will warm you up and is packed with super healthy, immune-boosting ingredients.

16 May 2017 0 Nutrition
Two Bean Chicken Chilli Con Carne

Warm up and stay healthy with this delicious slow cooked chicken chilli con carne. Slow cookers are a fabulous way of staying on track with healthy eating and help you avoid alling into the fast food trap.

13 April 2017 0 Nutrition

We love making salads that can be a whole meal and this one is the bomb! This recipe includes raw kale, which gets stirred through the hot quinoa before serving. The warmth helps to ‘cook’ the kale a little, making it more easily digested. The secret ingredient here that gives added zing! are pomegranate seeds. Half of a whole pomegranate is enough to add something seriously special. This recipe includes Danish fetta to the top of this salad, but you can leave this off for a vegan meal option.

13 April 2017 0 Exercise, Nutrition

The Easter holidays can represent a challenge for many on fitness journeys. Eating, drinking and socialising goes up, and our activity levels tend to go down. But this doesn't have to be the case. We suggest you make allowances for the fact that it's Easter and that things are going to be different. Have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol, watch out for high-calorie mixers with drinks and say no to salty nibbles. Many people head away over the Easter break, which can actually present a great opportunity to mix up your routine a little. Consider choosing a few new activities you're keen on and giving them a go. Be adventurous.

13 April 2017 0 Nutrition

If you are hoping to survive the Ester holiday weight gain, you will need to take action! Easter Eggs and hot cross buns are everywhere and it can be hard to resist the chocolatey and buttery yumminess. We encourage you to try not to indulge until it is actually Easter, which means that that bag of tiny eggs you have in your desk drawer needs to go into the rubbish, right now! Remember that the caloric value of a single, small milk chocolate bunny would take an hour of treadmill running to burn off – how attractive is that bunny now?


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