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23 September 2016 0 Stretching
Warm Up and Stretching

Physiological Aspects

So often I still see it time and time again. We have all been guilty of it but how often do we forget to take the time to have a thorough warm up of the body.

A thorough warm up which means increasing circulation, blood and muscle temperature followed by an appropriate stretching routine which should improve performance through the following… 



24 August 2016 0 Training, Stretching
Tight Hamstrings: what is the cause?

Tight Hamstrings: what is the cause? The most common advice people offer when you complain about tight hamstrings is to just stretch some more.

When that doesn’t work, just try to stretch some more. If something is tight, you just need to be more flexible and have better mobility, right? 

Using the word “tight” to describe an injury means almost nothing but that doesn’t seem to stop all types of practitioners from labelling their clients with a tight this or that. 


19 May 2016 0 Stretching
To stretch or not to stretch!

So you are committed to your gym routine and turned up regularly to work on your banging pecs and delts. You squat and lift, plank, trx, lift some more, then squeeze in some cardio. But haven’t you forgotten something?

For some, stretching can be seen as a non-essential part of your gym routine, but we are here to let you know that, just as post-work out fuel is necessary to build muscle, stretching is imperative to lengthening out your muscles and promoting muscle growth, Why? What does stretching actually do?


26 June 2015 3 Training, Stretching
Mobility - Stretching – Foam rolling …So what’s the difference?

It could confuse anyone but the great debate about how we should warm up and cool down has always differed over the years. A lot of people associate a warm with a 5min bike ride or jog on the treadmill with a bit of static stretching as a warm before a workout . This may have been the case some time ago but research and science begs to differ.

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