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13 April 2018 0 Training

When you work as a busy professional in the corporate world, it can be hard to fit training into your schedule. A high pressure workload often features lunches and after work drinks, meaning the weight can slowly creep on. All those glasses of wine at lunch time, along with finger foods and fancy dinners can mean that your clothes start to feel tighter.

How can you combat an expanding waistline?

At Move Health and Fitness, we understand that when you are time poor, you need to prioritise to train in the most efficient method possible. We create personalised training programs to utilise help you train efficiently and avoid the corporate bulge.

We take a structured approach to training. We start by developing good core strength, then work on the key muscle groups to create structural balance within your form. Muscle development combined with cardio workouts work well to strip fat and increase your metabolism – just what you need when you are sitting at a desk all day.

Take action today!

If you are feeling as if your busy work schedule is having an impact on your waistline, contact us today by calling 0406 750 137.

Our balanced approach to strength building and boosting your fitness will get you fit and ready for your next corporate event. We also offer group training options, if you feel like inviting your colleagues along.

It’s never too late to stop weight gain in its tracks. All you need to find is 45 minutes three times a week. Move Health and Fitness can help you with this, so contact us  today.

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