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13 April 2018 0 Training
What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

The fitness industry in Australia is booming. We believe this partly a response to the fact that our nation as a whole, is gaining weight. With the obesity epidemic on the rise, people are concerned with staying fit and healthy, so they look around for the best option.

Without a doubt, hiring a personal trainer (PT) is one of the most effective ways of getting fit – they keep you accountable. Or they should. But when you start looking for a PT, how can you tell if they are any good?

Before you hire a PT, take some time to do some research. Here are the five traits we think your PT should possess:

  1. They are passionate about fitness

Your PT should look and be fit. Being fit isn’t the same as being an athlete - being an elite athlete is in large part a function of talent, while being fit is in large part a function of passion, determination and dedication. Make sure your PT possesses these qualities. They should practice what they preach. Also, a passion for working out and a passion for coaching people aren’t necessarily the same thing. Make sure your PT possesses both.

  1. They need to understand Push and Pull, Ebb and Flow, and Periodization

Anyone can make someone do a hard workout. The key is knowing when to push and when to pull your client back in with understanding, empathy, and a little rest. PT’s that understand that show their clients that they have their back. Your PT should have experience in knowing when you have more in the tank, and recognising when to back off, to get the best results. 

  1. Knowledge and Know-How

It’s worth considering what training your prospective PT has and how long they have been working. A PT’s job is to help clients adapt, grow, and change, and to so that, they need to grow too. Change is the real key to growth. If your trainer isn’t growing and learning, neither are you.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

Good communication is about seeking to understand, about being a critical thinking and effective listening. Being a PT means agreeing to help someone on his or her journey to better health, fitness, and wellness. In order for a PT to succeed in this role, it is essential for them to know where a client has been and where the client seeks to go.  

  1. Empathy and Compassion

Empathy is the key in piercing through the disconnect that sometimes occurs between a PT and their client. Your PT does not have to have a history of being overweight, injured, or obese to relate to your struggle. However, an effective PT is most certainly one with empathy and compassion. 

AT Move Health and Fitness, we pride ourselves on our ability to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our clients – and we endeavour to meet every single one of those points on our checklist!

The road to good health and improved fitness varies from client to client, but our commitment to guiding your way to success is undying. We are passionate about seeing our clients succeed – from learning how to do ten push ups in a row (a huge challenge for some) to facilitating your first body building competition – whatever your needs, we can help you.

Give us a call today on 0406 750 137 to find out more about our special PT packages.

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